TEAM OUTING to Shilhaandara Resort


It took a really long time for me convince the management to let the Customer delight team to go on a team outing. Finally, timing was perfect for the team event, unlike typical celebration of team outing on a road trip, this time we have decided to go for a resort and celebrated the event with style.

Life Quest is incomplete without a little mix of fun and adventure activities. I got a chance with the team to experience the same when we set off on our journey to Shilhaandara Resort. After settling in at the back of the pickup vehicle we started singing to ourselves, Dancing and making the most of this fun team outing.

Shilhaandara Resort

The road leading up to the Shilhaandara Resort was stunningly beautiful and was surrounded by lush green cover on both sides. As soon as we reached the Shilhaandara Resort, we were enthralled by its captivating beauty. The resort was unlike any other. It was designed to give a unique feel of being extremely close to the nature.
The place was situated at the foothills of Ramnagara rocks, surrounded with flush greenery, it is bound to speak with the nature enthusiast in you. In order to reach the natural, rocky resort, the distance from Bangalore to resort is 70 km and you can head to resort in 2 hour drive for a delightful day out.

Welcome drinks at Shilhaandara Resort
Volley Ball match against the team

Fun and frolic are never far behind when you have a group of enthusiastic employees by your side. There were plenty of smiles with welcome drinks (Orange Juice) at the entrance. We started with wondering what to start with as there were many things to go on with,.
Finally, we chose to play the volley ball with 5 v/s 5 which we won the game, after the 2 sets of Volley ball we ended up playing indoor games.
Table tennis – I won
Carom board – Lost
Foosball (Hand Food ball) – Lost by foul play
Archery was best which I shot the red point but the bow & arrows were not that great as it was very old.

Alas, it was time to fall in the empty pool where only our team was getting in, with shivering bodies of fear of water and cold. We captured memories of team with lot of naked bodies in the pool.
We shot a slow motion video of diving into the pool of the team which came out really good but we had to shot that video for 4 times for the perfection.

Refreshing after the play in the pool

After 1 and half hour in the pool, it was finally lunch time with 14 varieties of dishes (Both Veg & Non-Veg).
Mutton Biryani was really yummy, Chilly Chicken, Gobi Manchurian, Ghee rice, Chicken curry with salad, Naan with Paneer Curry and the best part of every food is Rice with Rasam etc. “For a food freak like me Vanilla ice cream and Kaaju Halwa was a good desert at the end”.

Next comes everyone’s fav Rain Dance for 40min with lot of item songs where we have to dance like a pole girl but in between the DJ played some beat tracks & Kannada kuthu where the boys came in rock the dance floor. Mostly the fun part is breaking the patrician rope of boys and girls. We came out of rain dance room where our ears still hearing the music and ears are blocked with music.
Again back to the pool under the hot sun with tanned bodies where the pool was crowded after the Rain Dance were we could see lot of colors in the pool.

Rain dance with crazy people

At the end we decided to leave at 4PM, unfortunately the girls in the changing room were busy with makeup and we ended up leaving at 5PM. We took lot of team memories with us even outside the gates.

We are so tired to be walking but somehow reached the pickup place and got in the vehicle.
It was so much fun looking at the team faces in the vehicle which was tired and sleepy. Still, we did not end there. We started playing music and dance again in the vehicle for South Indian Music.

Over all, it was my first team outing went above my expectation and had a lot of fun.